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Amazon Strategy

We ensure the growth and success of your brand by taking a closer look at the vision and goals of your company. We will create a data-driven growth strategy from the initial analysis and identify any areas that can use some TLC.


Account Management

Our partnership with your brand is our top priority! Your dedicated account manager will work hand-in-hand with your team to execute a data-driven Amazon strategy that utilizes our expertise. They collaborate with our internal experts to grow your brand on Amazon.

Your account manager will handle everything from detail pages, new product launches, updating content and product information, monitoring pricing, troubleshooting with Seller Support, and more! They will provide weekly and monthly reports for you to see the results of our hard work. Your account manager is easily accessible and available to answer your Amazon questions and needs!

Marketing & Advertising

A huge key to success on Amazon is through marketing and advertising. Our in-house marketing experts (more like marketing geniuses) create and manage an effective and meaningful marketing strategy for your brand. They'll utilize ad spend and SEO strategy to increase sales while keeping ACoS in check efficiently.

Amazon's advertising console offers multiple different types of ads that we utilize for each brand we partner with. We are also constantly testing new innovative Amazon Ad products and programs. Our marketing team will create a quarterly marketing strategy, including creating multiple types of ads, testing new ads, and managing various campaigns. The marketing strategy is perfectly tailored to fit your goals and budget!


Logistics & Inventory

We've become masters in logistics and inventory over the 12+ years of selling and millions of dollars in product shipments. We have a (JIT) Just-In-Time shipping system for Amazon that's proven very effective for minimizing storage fees and maximizing profitability. Amazon can pose many inventory and storage concerns due to its overpacked warehouses. We know how to navigate these challenges that arise frequently. We do our very best to ensure you stay in stock and can ship the necessary units on time. Our team will also provide regular inventory forecasts so your warehouse can stay one step ahead!

Reporting & Analytics

Our data-driven approach has been instrumental in driving our success. We're proud to share that we've developed a customized dashboard that gathers an extensive range of data points from Amazon! This includes valuable insights on sales and marketing, Subscribe and Save, and calculating customer lifetime value and the time between purchases for our consumable products. Our comprehensive dashboard empowers us to make informed decisions and optimize our strategies for better outcomes!


Graphic Design

Our in-house graphic designer will help make your listings look amazing so they catch customer attention and increase conversion rates. They can help create new content, including A+ and infographics for your brand. They can also create new video content to be featured on detail pages and in video advertising placements.

*This service is an additional fee

Customer Support

We understand the importance of a fantastic customer experience to build a loyal following for your brand. Our attentive customer support team handles all customer feedback, reviews, and returns with care so you can focus on making great products!


At MODA Works, we're not just another Amazon partner - we're an extension of your team. Our top priority is building your brand and helping you succeed on Amazon. We're passionate about our work and love working with brands to achieve their goals.

As your dedicated Amazon partner, we work closely with you to evaluate opportunities, address concerns, and create integrated strategies to grow your business. We're always here to lend a hand, answer questions, and provide support every step of the way.

We offer two primary models of how we work with our brands, each tailored to fit your needs.

First, our Re-Seller Model: we act as the exclusive re-seller of your products on Amazon. We evaluate the Amazon landscape regarding your product line and pinpoint the best opportunities to increase your sales. We handle everything on the Amazon channel from A to Z - including marketing, inventory, catalog, SEO optimization, customer service, and any other Amazon-related issues. This means you don't need your own Seller Central account to benefit from our expertise. Plus, being the exclusive re-seller of your brand on Amazon means you retain control over the channel and the way your brand is represented.

Alternatively, our Account Consultant Model is an excellent fit for brands wanting to retain their Seller Central account. In this scenario, we gain access to your Amazon account and fully manage every aspect just like we would as the re-seller. The only difference is your brand owns the account and the inventory. We utilize a partnership structure where we're fully dedicated to growing your brand sales instead of charging flat service fees.

So please sit back, relax, and let our team handle everything Amazon-related. We're here to help you succeed and grow your brand!

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